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Creativity is about intuition.
I am an artist first.

I am passionate about women & our narratives, our struggles, our power on this precious planet we call mother earth. I feel it is my role as an artist to make sense of the world as we know it. I also care deeply about how we need to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. 

My practice.

My practice is collage based but I also use household paint, ink, fabric and sewing to create artwork that is bold, powerful and strong. Weaving & layering symbolism, marks, shapes and colour into bold new contemporary narratives.

I am an art director.

I am an empath. This helps me create for people. I am a conceptual ideas driven maker. I am not a linear thinker. I am someone that keeps my eyes and ears open to the world around for ideas and solutions to problems.  I use the ground to write, draw, make and create. My background is more varied and different to most.
I changed direction a few times to push my creative boundaries. I completed an MA in illustration to expand the way I see and interpret the world. I can make visual narratives & brand languages that can communicate in meaningful ways.

Who have I worked with?

Lots of wonderfully interesting and different brands. Google, BBC, UKTV, Tesco, Harrods, Selfridges, Swingers Crazy Golf to name a few. The most important thing for me was crafting great ideas and beautiful work to communicate and
connect people.

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