"Sacred" Skincare Packaging

I was lolling in the bath two nights ago pondering about the packaging of all the beauty products around me. Since following the 'Plastic Coalition' online - I really could not believe the amount of plastic bottles surrounding me in my lavender and coconut scented water. The other thing I noticed was how clinical everything felt - as if I had created a pharmacy for myself not a sanctuary and haven from the stresses of life. Regardless of the fact that my bathtub must have been designed for a hobbit as is it quite uncomfortable having my knees under my chin - I did have some inspiration. I noticed a "splodge" of dark muddy clay mask on a plastic bottle and thought how beautiful it looked - because there was something real about it, tactile. So I spent an hour covering different areas of my body in clay and 'printing' them onto paper. I cannot tell you what the bathroom looked like - but it was horrific. The next day I looked at all the marks of clay that my body had made and they were quite lovely. I was reminded of stories from ancient times where I would be transfixed hearing about oils and parfumes that people would have rubbed onto their skin. As a child I was fascinated about the stories of Frankincense and myrrh in the Bible - these ancient and beautiful ways of cleansing the body. I was transported to a time of beautiful cloths, herbs, spices, oils and the rituals of looking after the body from a time long past. There is something quite appealing and sensual about the ritual of cleansing oneself, moisturising, nourishing. Most of the time the reality is that I am too exhausted to do anything but jump in a shower and run out the door. So I came up with the concept and design for a beauty range that I would buy if I wanted to indulge and take time in this process. I came up with the idea of "Sacred" and to be honest any time I have in my bathroom for my ablutions away from my children whom I adore - is sacred. It is time to regroup, ponder, think, mull while I am looking after this vessel of a body of mine.

#packaging #design #illustration #beauty #skincare #ritual #Ecological #environment

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